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Use this chart to help determine the placement of your Family Names
or Tree Titles.
See more information below digram.

You can put your last name or other family name options on any of our pictures.
The options for these family names are below.  The purple squares in the tree diagram above shows you where the family name would go on the NameMe Tree type you have selected. Last name options are only available on the tree types with purple squares and must go in those spots.

The options and how to correctly type them on the order page are as follows. Basically, you type in the Last Name you want to use inserting it in the blank where the number matches the number under the purple square and select “Last Name” from the menu to the left of the blank . The quotes used here will not appear on your tree, they are there for example purposes on how to order these family name options.

The “LastName” Family
The “LastName” Family (click here to see a photo of an example)
When you order this type out the entire The “LastName” Family.  Put your last name that you are using in the blank where the “LastName” is. (ie. The Pohland Family) You would substitute the last name that you are ordering where the “LastName” is in the examples.                            

Many families still want to use our family name option, but their family members may have different last names or they may be a mixed family.  Because of this they use the following family name options. “Our Family” (click here to see a photo of an example)

The “LastName” Grandchildren and The “LastName” Children
(click here to see a photo of an example
The same rules apply when ordering the  The “LastName” Grandchildren or The “LastName” Children as it does for The “LastName” Family  above

“Nana’s” Grandchildren (click to see a photo of an example)
In the blank where you want it to appear, type the entire “Nana’s” Grandchildren.  You may substitute any name in place of “Nana’s” (for example; “Beamies” Grandchildren)

“Our Grandchildren” or “Our Children”
Type in the blank that you want it to appear as appropriate  “Our Family” or “Our Grandchildren” or “Our Children”
. (click here to see a photo of an example)

See our Mat Color Swatches and Frame Samples.

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